Rubber Duck is one of several giant floating sculptures designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. He wanted to entertain the world by a tour named "Spreading Joy around the World" starting in 2007. His goal was to recall everyone's childhood memories by exhibiting the Duck in 14 cities. He started in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Each city got its own duck. Here are locations of each Duck in order of date: Taoyuan , Taiwan, October, 26 2013 Kaohsiung, Taiwan, September 2013 Baku, Azerbaijan, September 2013 Beijing, China, September 2013 Pittsburgh, United States, Sept. 27 - Oct. 20 2013 Hong Kong SAR, China, May 2013 Sydney, Australia, January 2013 Hasselt, Belgium, July 2012 Onomichi, Japan, 2012 Auckland, New Zealand, February 2011 Osaka, Japan, December 2010 São Paulo, Brazil, 2008 Saint-Nazaire, France, 2007 The Rubber Duck was inflated at a remote part of the Alcosan property on the Ohio River on 9/27. It was then towed on a pontoon from the West End up the Ohio River and the Allegheny River. It was temporarily moored near the Roberto Clemente Bridge, where the Rubber Duck Bridge Party was held. The span was closed to traffic until midnight. After the night's festivities, the duck was moored on the Allegheny near the Point where it stayed through Oct. 20.