The death of Fabienne Cherisma, from the series Haiti, 2010, © Nathan Weber/NBW Photo.
This is a response by Anonymous User to January 2015

Hence the critique of documentary photography.

We as image makers have to decide if capturing images like this is worth it. And the answer should be a resounding and convincing yes if you’re the kind of person in this image. They, by taking this picture and not maintaining the integrity of the dead child, are stating the picture will do such good for the world that it is worth taking.
While we are asking them to be sure taking the image is worth it they are betting their integrity on the our response to it and others like it. They are taking the image so the collective We can see and feel something terrible and hopefully do something to counteract it. They are trying to force empathy on us by showing us horrible events that are real and happening.
Should the documentary photographers preserve the respect and stop trying or should We actively respond to crisis around the world and not need to be guilt tripped into showing compassion?