Robert Adams, Berthoud, Colorado, 1976. Yale University Art Gallery Purchased with a gift from Saundra B. Lane, a grant from the Trellis Fund, and the Janet and Simeon Braguin Fund
This is a response by Tori Marchiony to February 2015

Golly, I wish it were summer. Only on a hot summer evening can I imagine wandering around making a photograph of something so simple. Yet, despite its relative lack of action, the image is still arresting. Looking at it, I'm consumed by a warm, peaceful stillness- almost as though I've slipped into a meditation. Framed by darkness, the house illuminated scene has a dollhouse-like quality that gently tickles my curiosity about the life inside, without provoking an overwhelming need for answers. To me, this is the visual equivalent of exhaling a soft "hmmm".