Robert Adams, Berthoud, Colorado, 1976. Yale University Art Gallery Purchased with a gift from Saundra B. Lane, a grant from the Trellis Fund, and the Janet and Simeon Braguin Fund
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An adventurer and a photographers eye. This image encapsulates the adventure of the photographer and their ever seeking eye. It is a difficult task to show the small nuances of your own worldview and it is even harder to photograph it. What a perfect example of one who looks to make images in the world. The image is mysterious yet resolved; it is complicated but simple. Adams makes us look where he wants us to look. He makes us see what he sees. One might think these words are empty and simple but it is significantly more difficult than most people, even photographers, think to wield the camera as an instrument of pointing. To capture this house and the reflection of the tree and the feeling of the night and the emotion of walking alone takes a tact and skill not many have accomplished.