Sara Cwynar, Girl from Contact Sheet 2 (Darkroom Manuals), 2013. Courtesy the artist and Foxy Production, New York.
This is a response by Anonymous User to March 2015

As a milennial, this shift from film to digital has not affected me as much. I have almost always straddled the line between the two. I remember getting my first automatic film camera at the age 10, after begging my parents. By age 13 I received a small digital point and shoot. Then in college, I was one of the last Tisch classes to shoot on film and edit my movies on the flatbeds while simultaneously learning about the RED. So I look at this picture and don't necessarily panic about the digital realm and the risk of data loss. Film is fragile too. I see a world of beautiful new possibilities with these two formats coexisting. However, when film finally disappears I will mourn because I've always had the option of using it. Straddling this line I have a relationship wirh both within my work and it will be disorienting if and when film disappears completely.