This is your family photo album, Pittsburgh. Your place to share the pictures and stories that make this region great. We’ll collect images of your graduation day, your great-grandmother’s wedding day, that July 4th on Flagstaff Hill, and at the end, publish a book of highlights for you to treasure and share for generations.

Grandma_barone_1974 1974 Oakland

My mother's family came here from southern Italy in 1903. Here is my grandmother, Rachel Barone, ...

Ourgang1966 1966 Edgewood

We were in a rock band in 1966. This photo was taken in front of Edgewood High School on Maple Av...

New_picture_(1) 1974

My Italian grandmother, Rachel, dancing to the Tarentella at my brother's wedding in 1974.

Suleys_048 1943 Homewood

My mother and father with their first child, Judy. My mother was 28 years old.

G8 2009 Downtown

I worked in the County Office Building during the G8 Summit in 2009. It was very quiet downtown a...