Robert Adams, Berthoud, Colorado, 1976. Yale University Art Gallery Purchased with a gift from Saundra B. Lane, a grant from the Trellis Fund, and the Janet and Simeon Braguin Fund
This is a response by Minny Lee to February 2015

This is not an easy image to discuss because it doesn't have clear action or narration. The silence of the image requests deeper looking. More than half of the image is covered by a tree and its shadow. The tree and its leaves are sharply focused while their shadows have soft focus and edges. Street light from the left gives three dimensional quality to the tree trunk and also gives a long shadow to the right. Both tree and house are cropped, only showing parts. Window in the middle is open quarter way up, which is covered mostly by indoor plants. Adams selected this image for the cover of Summer Nights book. The words "summer nights" evoke warm temperature, longer daylight, night walk, summer festival, visiting guests, watching films, reading books... In South Korea (where I am from), summer nights are when we watch thriller movies. People make horror movies targeted to release in the summer. Adams's image has subtle tension and anticipation of horror. Tree shadows can perpetuate anxiety; it overshadows the inhabitance. Night is magical time. Not only things look differently, but also things emanate different feelings. When sun rises, shadows will disappear and everything will look normal. What makes Adams's image interesting is voyeuristic quality yet it doesn't show much of happenings. It leaves room for the viewer to question and imagine the rest.