Robert Adams, Berthoud, Colorado, 1976. Yale University Art Gallery Purchased with a gift from Saundra B. Lane, a grant from the Trellis Fund, and the Janet and Simeon Braguin Fund
This is a response by Anonymous User to February 2015

This photograph does not speak to me personally so it was insightful to read Soth's passionate and informed response to it. Soth's response reminded me of the importance of influences and mentors for artists. In an age when we're saturated with images it is up to us to remember the work that speak to us personally. It's important to cultivate a deep and nuanced relationship to the work that excites you - why does it excite you, what does it show you about yourself, what effect does it have on you? This image is beautiful - it reminded me of the suburb that I grew up in but that is where my association stopped. To Soth it played a role in catalyzing his entire career.